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Advancing the Standard of Care In Peripheral Embolizationst
The AMPLATZER Family of Vascular Plugs is designed to provide optimal embolization through single device occlusion, full cross-sectional vessel coverage and controlled, precise deployment. Vascular plugs have the ability to be recaptured and repositioned, if necessary. A single device from the family of vascular plugs embolizes a vessel that would often require many coils, which makes it an efficient and cost-effective4,5 alternative.


The AMPLATZER Family of Vascular Plugs Provides

  • Flexibility to select the right vascular plug for the procedure based on vessel type, blood flow and the available landing zone
  • Precise delivery and secure positioning
  • Fast procedure times resulting in low radiation exposure for physician and patient1,2
  • Device visibility under fluoroscopy with limited imaging artifact3

Clinical Applications

The AMPLATZER Family of Vascular Plugs is indicated for arterial and venous embolization in the peripheral vasculature. Some examples include:


short_laidingShort Landing Zone Embolization
The AMPLATZER Vascular Plug (AVP) is one in a growing family of minimally invasive implantable embolization devices.

  • Single-layer mesh and single-lobe design offers a device length appropriate for short landing zones
  • Finely braided Nitinol wire mesh is designed to provide a radial force that secures the AVP within the vessel1


Variable Landing Zone Embolizationvariable_laiding
The multi-layered, multi-segmented design of the AMPLATZER Vascular Plug II (AVP II) significantly reduces the time to occlusion6 for transcatheter embolization procedures, while maintaining complete control during positioning and delivery.

  • Self-expanding design provides full crosssectionalvessel coverage which minimizes migration and recanalization potential6
  • Multi-layered mesh lobes create six occlusive planes, inducing rapid6 vessel occlusion
  • Broad array of sizes (3-22 mm) available to treat a wide range of vessels

low_profileLow-profile Embolization
The AMPLATZER Vascular Plug 4 (AVP 4) is delivered through a 0.038 diagnostic catheter extending the reach of the AMPLATZER Family of Vascular Plugs. The flexible mesh of the AMPLATZER Vascular Plug 4 and the floppy distal section of the delivery wire enable the device to travel through tortuous anatomy with ease.

  • Simple delivery through an 0.038 diagnostic catheter eliminating the need for catheter exchange
  • Extended reach to distal vasculature due to the device’s low profile
  • Rapid embolization provided by the device’s multi-layered, double-lobed design

High-flow Embolizationhigh-flow
The AMPLATZER Vascular Plug III (AVP III), with oblong cross-sectional shape, multiple Nitinol mesh layers and extended rims, provides the fastest7 occlusion of all AMPLATZER vascular plugs and is ideal for high-flow situations.

  • Device rims extending past device body allowing for full wall apposition to enhance stability in high-flow vessels
  • Small platinum marker on the distal rim designed to improve visualization for device orientation
  • Easy device delivery by means of a 155 cm delivery wire accommodating a greater range of procedures